Friday, 17 June 2011

The History of Holistic Therapies

What are holistic therapies?

Holistic therapies can be defined as a treatment that addresses an individual as a whole being, including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements through massage and meditation. All of the treatments are personally tailored to suit the individual’s needs and goals.

Holistic therapies have roots in history as far back as ancient Greece, China and Egypt, and have been used as a form of healing ever since.

Evidence of Aromatherapy can be dated as far back as 3500BC and early examples can be seen in ancient Egypt and ancient Greece. The Egyptians used herbs and plant material such as Cedarwood and Myrrh in the mummifying process because they believed they had powerful properties. They are also believed to have used the first known form of equipment used to extract essential oils from plant material, and used them to fragrance the temples.

Examples of a type of foot therapy can be seen depicted on a hieroglyphic painting in a tomb is Egypt that dates back to 2300BC. The ancient Chinese recognised the link between the feet and spirituality.
In the 19th century, the theory of Reflexology was being studied by European and Russian medical professionals into the link between reflex areas and the nervous system.

Indian Head Massage
The treatment originates from India, hence the name, and is used as part of Ayurvedic techniques to improve an individuals lifestyle and well being.  Indian Head Massage is used along side a strict healthy eating plan, exercise such as Yoga and health supplements.
The Western version of Indian Head Massage was pioneered by an Indian man called Mr. Maeda who was disappointed in the lack of head massages performed in places like barbers and salons. Indian Head Massages are now one of the most popular holistic therapies performed.

Massage is the oldest form of holistic therapy and has origins in ancient China, ancient Greece and ancient India, and has always been used to relax and heal. Massage even has references in the bible where it documents daily massage with olive oil and myrrh as a part of the beauty regimen of the wives of Xerxes.

Hopi Ear Candles (Thermal Auricular Therapy)
Ear Candles originate from the Hopi Indian tribe of Arizona. They used this treatment to regulate, harmonise and cleanse. It is now used today to help ease symptoms of glue ear, sinusitis and tinnitus. 

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