Friday, 24 June 2011


What is a 'contra-indication'?
Contra-indication is a term used by therapists to describe something that will prevent the beneficial outcome of a treatment. A contra-indication is defined as an illness or condition that prevents part or all of a treatment from being carried out.

Examples of contra-indications
The major contra-indications that prevent any treatment from being performed are
  • epilepsy, 
  • high blood pressure that is not managed
  • infectious skin diseases such as scabies, ringworm and impetigo.
Minor contra-indications that are localised to one area and only prevent some of the treatment from being performed are
  • bruises
  • sunburn
  • a verruca or wart

What should I do if I want a treatment but have one of these?
Your therapist will ask you questions about your current health during your consultation but it is always helpful to mention any health disorders you have when you book, just to save you a waisted journey, if at that time, the treatment cannot be performed. If you are unsure about anything just ask your therapist and they should give you any advice you need.

Is pregnancy a contra-indication?
Pregnancy is NOT a contra-indication, however some therapists may feel uncomfortable working on a pregnant client. Pregnancy is a wonderful time but it can leave clients with sore backs and swollen ankles that benefit greatly from massage. Therapists usually won't perform holistic therapies on a pregnant client during the first trimester (12 weeks) due to it being such a delicate and sensitive time, after this time there should be no reason not to treat a pregnant client unless they suffer with bleeding or stomach pains at any time during the pregnancy.

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